Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

By | February 21, 2023

There are numerous scholarships that students on study permits can apply for. These scholarships are funded by the host county’s government, a state government, companies, foundations, educational institutions, or even privately by individuals.
A scholarship internationally is widely considered a huge achievement for and student or aspirant. This is because it is obvious proof of salience and excellence in academics. There are obviously uncountable scholarships for post-graduate students internationally. However, details of just a few would be discussed here.

The University of Adelaide Scholarship

The University of Adelaide offers a number of Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships to very outstanding international graduates from any country to further their education via a Masters or Doctorate degree by research.

• Research Training Program Fee Offset: This provides scholarship from the offset which covers tuition fees as a higher degree by a research student of the University of Adelaide for the standard duration of the academic program (Research Master: up to 2 years; Doctor of Philosophy: up to 4 years). Any gap between the Research Training Program Fee Offset and the Tuition Fees charged is waived by The University of Adelaide for the standard duration of the academic program.
• Research Training Program Stipend: The scholarship provides a living allowance of over AUD28,000 per annum for up to 2 years for a Research Master degree and up to 3 years (with a possibility of a 6-month extension) for a Doctor of Philosophy. Although, it is likely to be tax-exempt, subject to Taxation Office approval.
• Research Training Program Allowance: This scholarship also provides financial support for an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), plus relocation and publication expenses.

Applications open: 1 January 2021
Applications close: 9 July 2021
Payment per year: $28,597 (2021 rate)
Duration: Up to 3 years for a Ph.D., up to 2 years for a Masters
Degree: Postgraduate Research
Citizenship: International Students
Type of Scholarship: Academic, Financial Need, Students with Disabilities
Subjects available: All subjects and faculties
Available To: Future Commencing
Applying: Application for ‘Admission and a Scholarship’ must be submitted using the Online Application Form.

The online application form Link


The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest (first awarded in 1902) and maybe the most prestigious international scholarship program, this scholarship enables outstanding young men and women from around the world to study at the prestigious University of Oxford.
The Rhodes Scholarship supports exceptional young people for postgraduate study at the University of Oxford, and it actively fosters lifelong learning and fellowship among people. It is a full-time global scholarship as it has supported candidates in over 60 countries.


The broad selection criteria are: • Academic excellence – specific academic requirements can be found under the ‘Eligibility Criteria’ section below. • Energy to make use of your talents to the full (in areas such as sports, debate, music, theatre, dance, and artistic pursuits, including where teamwork is involved). • Courage, truth, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindness, selflessness, and fellowship. • Moral force of character and great instincts to lead, and to take interest in your fellow human beings.

HOST COUNTRY: The United Kingdom
HOST UNIVERSITY: The University of Oxford
CLOSING DATE: Applications must be submitted online by 02 August 2021. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: • Nationality: Eligibility to any other Rhodes Scholarship makes you ineligible to apply for a Global Scholarship. • Age: Upon 1 October 2021, you must 18-24 years. And for candidates who completed their undergraduate degree later than usual, you must not be older than 27 years.
• Academic achievement: You must have completed (or will have completed by June/July 2022) an undergraduate degree with a First Class or minimum GPA minimum of 3.70 out of 4.0 (or equivalent).
• English language: You must have a sufficiently high standard of English to meet the English language proficiency criteria of the University of Oxford. • If you were unsuccessful in your first application to the Rhodes Scholarships, you may re-apply only once more and with the same details.
How to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship


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