7 Most Affordable Universities in Norway for International Students

By | February 21, 2023

All Norwegian Public universities in Norway are tuition-free, aside from fees to support the students association, though the fee you are to pay is to gain access to some facilities such as health services, sports, public transport, and other activities, while private universities in Norway charge for tuition fees, it is not funded by the state government, so basically, private universities are a bit expensive.

The cost of living in Norway, Norway is a tuition-free country for public universities, but that does not mean students don’t need to prepare for life as students, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. But with the free tuition fee for international students, they should expect to provide a way to cover their living expenses.
Talking about Nature in Norway, aside from the free tuition fee and the standard of education, although it’s cold, a lot of natural attractions such as Northern lights, Midnight sun, Fjords, Mountains, National Parks, waterfalls, Glaciers, and many more.

Study in English

Norway speaks English as their school language in most cases, a series of programs and courses are taught in English, and almost every Norwegian speaks English. As an international student seeking a work permit, it is advisable you learn how to speak Norwegian this will serve as an added advantage for him/her.

University of Oslo

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The University of Oslo is one of the leading universities in Europe at large and one of Norway’s largest universities, it is the oldest university in Norway, it was formerly named Royal Frederick University now the University of Oslo.

The University of Oslo is of the best public higher education university in Norway, and it has huge numbers of students enroll every year, with a series of programs and it has different faculties which include: Humanities, law, mathematics, natural sciences, medicine, dentistry, social sciences, and educational science.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has 3 campuses and was established in 1996, as one of the public free tuition universities in Norway, it has over 9 faculties, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is known for offering engineering and Technology courses and it has several courses which include Economics, management, medicine, humanities, health science, architecture, natural science, and social science. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has a profile of enrolment of students, it has over 40,000 students with local and international students.

In addition, students of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology enjoy the urban life and cultural mix in most of the cities where their campuses are situated.

Oslo Metropolitan University

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Oslo metropolitan university has over 20,000 students, it was established in 2018 and is the second youngest new university in Norway. It has three campuses which include the Pilestredet campus which is the largest, and Kjelier campus is the second-largest, lastly Sandvika Campus. It has four faculties that offer several courses such as the faculty of Health Science, faculty of education and international students, faculty of social sciences, and faculty of technology, art, and design for both local and international students.

Oslo metropolitan university has a broad range of research topics, the university has some research centers. there are scholarships available for students.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

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Western Norway University of Applied Sciences is a public university in western Norway, with over 17,000 students who offer a series of undergraduate and graduate courses in the disciplines of Education & Arts, Engineering & Science, Health & Social Science, and Business Administration. It also has a diving school – as well as research centers for Evidence-Based Practice, Education, Health, Kindergarten Knowledge, Food, and Maritime Activity. It has four faculties across all five campuses which include the faculty of education, Arts and Sports, faculty of health and social sciences, faculty of Engineering and sciences

As one of the Norway free tuition fee universities, western Norway University of applied sciences is established in 2017, is one of the largest universities in the country, and it graduates over 3500 candidates every year.

Lastly, the Western Norway University of applied sciences has the main focus in terms of research and the university has good support and meets up to some international standards, some of the research areas are Technology, safety, public health, sustainable development, and many more to be mentioned.

University of Bergen

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The University of Bergen established in 1946, is a public university in Norway, located in the city of Bergen, Norway. Studying in Norway is the best, with such quality education and the nature that around all cities. A wild broad of programs is taught in English at the University of Bergen. Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city with its unique spectacular nature and cultural event that take place. Bergen is a popular place to study with many colleges of higher education and a university. The students in Bergen come from more than 100 different countries. The University of Bergen has over 18,000 students at the university, and around 20% of these are international students. 

The University of Offers Degree programs in the fields of Fine Art & Music, Humanities, Law, Mathematics & Natural Science, Medicine, Psychology, and Social Science. The university is known and recognized as Research University.

University of Bergen’s research main areas are marine, climate, and energy transition, and global challenges. The university has a huge number of alumni and some notable alumni around the world, university of Bergen is one of the best universities in Europe.

University of Stavanger

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The University of Stavanger is a public university located in the city of Stavanger, Norway. It was established in 2005, it has about 12,000 students including international students with at least 10% of the numbers, and it offers a broad range of programs bachelor’s program, Master’s Program (five-year and two-year), and PhD. Programs.

In addition, the University of Stavanger’s English language test requirement accepts IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE and they also accept proofs of English proficiency.

The University of Stavanger is a state-funded university that does not charge tuition fees for both Norwegian students and international students, only charges for student welfare organizations. Studying in the city of Stavanger is very safe and it is a city for tourist attractions.

Norwegian University of life sciences

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The Norwegian University of life sciences is a free public university situated in Norway, which was founded in the year 1859, it is one of the oldest universities. Norway’s fifth-best university offers degrees in the fields of Biosciences, Chemistry, Food Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Landscaping, Economics, Business, Science, Technology, and Veterinary Medicine.

The Norwegian University of life sciences has the main focus when it comes to studying and research areas which include: Bio-economy, animals, landscape, food, environment, plants, technology, society, and many more.
Studying at the Norwegian University of Life and Sciences have a lot of attractive views, they mix theory and practice, it has the most beautiful campus, a well-organized and stunning environment for students, and to wrap it all Norwegian University of life sciences has good job opportunities and I can tell you their alumni are good well.

I hope that this article on Cheap University in Norway was helpful.

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