Why Study in Luxembourg?
Luxembourg is a small country in Europe, Luxembourg is a multilingual and multicultural country that has attracted foreign countries to come for studying, tourists and many more. Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world. Luxembourg has three official languages which are Dutch, German and French.

Cost of Studying and Living in Luxembourg
They are private and public institution in Luxembourg, however, there are institutions that offer low tuition fee for international students and they are the various scholarship available for students.
Cheap Universities in Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg

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It was founded in 2003, University in Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. The University of Luxembourg is a public university and one of the cheapest universities for international students. It is also one of the young universities in Europe, over the year it has grown to be the best university, with three campus locations.
The University of Luxembourg offers a wide range of programs, with over 100 programs for bachelor’s degrees, master degrees and doctoral degrees. There are three faculties at the University of Luxembourg including the Faculty of Science, Technology, and Medicine, The Faculty of Humanities, Education, and Social Science, and the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance, the university offer programs that are most likely to be taught in as English, French, and German, this is an advantage for international students.
There are over 7,000 students from different countries, International student’s tuition fees start from 8,000 – 15,000 annually.

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Luxembourg School of Business

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The Luxembourg School of Business was created in 2014 to provide quality standards in Business management, the Luxembourg School of business is very recognized around the world.
The business school offer MBA programs such as Weekend MBAs, Master in Management programs, and Executive education, they are affiliated with some higher institutions around the world. The business school tuition fee is around EUR 9,000 – EUR 18,000 for international students.

European Business University

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European Business University has run its program both online and physical classes, which include the Wiltz Campus and Online Campus.
The university offers Undergraduate programs, Dual degree EBBA/MBA, Master Degrees, Doctoral Degree and many other programs. The European business university is a well-recognized institution in Europe at large. The European business university is partnering with some external bodies around the world to improve academic growth.

Business Science institute

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The business science institute was founded in 2016. It aims to promote the personal and professional development of executives as well as businesses using high-quality international academic resources. The institute also has campuses in Geneva, Dakar, North America, and Tunis and they offer Online Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in English and French.
The institute has over 40,000 students and offers an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program as well as a Digital Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program. These programs will enhance top professionals and executives to build up their businesses or companies.

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The business science institute was created to provide the skill that will improve the people in business management.

United business institute

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It was established in 1992, the United Business Institutes is a private institution located in Europe and Asia, with campuses in Shanghai (China), Brussels and Luxembourg, with these satellite campuses, has attracted international students more.
The business institute offers bachelor programs, MBA program, and DBA program and also accept the transfer. The United Business institute is mainly a business school in Luxembourg, which has a rich history in Europe and outside Europe.

LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise, and Sports

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LUNEX University is one of the youngest universities in Luxembourg located in Differdange. The university is a private university that specialized in health, sport and management and is a partner university of the Erasmus program, and similar other programs.
The LUNEX University offers bachelor and master programs in Physiotherapy, Sport and Exercise Science, and International Sport Management.
At LUNEX University, most programs are taught in English, they have world-class facilities for learning. LUNEX University is home to international students with the cheap tuition fee, accommodation, enabling environment for students and there are various scholarships available.

I hope that this article on Cheap University in Luxembourg was helpful.

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