Disability Scholarships

By | February 21, 2023

Disability Scholarships

Scholarships for people with disabilities are widely accessible, offering financial support to students who have physical, sensory, learning, or mental health issue. Several organisations, charities, and institutions offer financial aid to overseas students with disabilities. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re a student with “disabilities,” as we prefer to say! There are numerous scholarships available for students with disabilities, both physical and mental, as shown by the list below. Scholarships for certain inflammatory conditions and cancer are also on our list. Due to the constant creation of new scholarships, this list is not exhaustive, but it should point you in the right direction as to where to begin your search for financial help.

It is always worthwhile asking colleges what assistance they can provide as most of them will also have their own scholarships or grants in place for new overseas students with impairments. Give yourself plenty of time to finish the forms as some of these grants for impaired students demand verification.

  • Google Lime Scholarship: This scholarship helps students with impairments who want to study computer technology. International students who want to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in the US or Canada are eligible for this award. For the academic year, chosen students will earn US$10,000 or C$5,000.
  • AG Bell College Scholarship- Hard-of-hearing or deaf students can apply for an AG Bell College Scholarship to get money to pay for their tuition at a US university. Both postgraduates and undergraduates may submit applications. Each student will get a reward between $1,500 and $2,000.
  • Microsoft Disability Scholarship- High school students who are passionate about technology are encouraged to apply for a Microsoft Disability Scholarship. For four years in a row, students will earn an annual reward of up to $5,000. Any student from any country may apply.
  • 1800 Wheelchair scholarship –$500 is awarded to students who are enrolled in a US institution through the 1800 Wheelchair Scholarship.
  • AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability – Scholarships of up to $1,000 are given out by the AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programmes at US universities.
  • Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship – The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship is given to students enrolled in a two-year community college, trade school or vocational programme who have a learning disability or ADHD.
  • Baer Reintegration Scholarship – Scholarships for US residents who have schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder and who are actively receiving treatment are available through the Baer Reintegration Scholarship. Programs leading to an equivalent high school diploma, programmes at trade or vocational schools, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees are all eligible.
  • Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship- A scholarship for a handicapped US student who has been admitted to or is already enrolled in an undergraduate programme in the US is available through the Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship. You must write an essay outlining how your handicap has affected your life in order to apply.
  • Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) Educational Scholarships – There are four different types of scholarships available to help students with blood problems, one of which is the Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship, which is geared toward students pursuing careers in medicine. (Since the deadline for the 2022 application round has passed, you must wait until the 2023 round begins.)
  • Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship – Scholarships for impaired high school seniors from any country to attend an undergraduate degree at a US university or technical institution are available through the Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship. You must demonstrate financial necessity, be passionate about technology, and designate engineering, computer science, computer information systems, law, business, or a closely related degree as your major.
  • Scholarships for students with autism – Iconic Displays, MediaWorks, Learning Ally Scholarships, and SunWise all provide autism scholarships. You must be a US citizen, a recent high school graduate, an undergraduate student, or enrolled in an autism school to be eligible to apply. Additionally, you must have been accepted into or be enrolled in an accredited institution.
  • Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities – Scholarships for students who are enrolled full-time at a European institution as bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD students or who aim to do so. You must be enrolled in a programme in informatics, computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field.
  • Scholarships for students with autism – Iconic Displays, MediaWorks, Learning Ally Scholarships, and SunWise all provide autism scholarships. You must be a US student at the International University of Logistics and Transport (IULT) Wroclaw in order to apply. Special Scholarship for Disabled Students: IULT provides a special scholarship for students with disabilities of whatever severity, as long as they present documentation from a licenced physician. Deadlines are on the 20th of October (fall semester) and the 20th of March (spring semester).
  • The June Opie Scholarship helps students with physical disabilities who want to continue postgraduate studies. It is available to citizens of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Alastair McEwin AM Scholarship at the University of Adelaide – Applications are accepted for a $3,000 yearly grant for University of Adelaide students with disabilities who are enrolled in academic programmes.
  • Sir Charles Bright Scholarship – Students in Adelaide and South Australia are eligible for the Sir Charles Bright Scholarship. The scholarships, worth AUD $2,000 each, are given to students with disabilities.
  • The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship – With this scholarship, you may get up to AUD$10,000 each year to study at a number of Australian universities, such as James Cook University, Monash University, and the University of Sydney.

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