5 Cheapest Universities in Austria for International Students

By | February 21, 2023

Why Study In Austria?

Austria is located in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union, with over 8.8 million people. Austria is a lovely country, Austria has many tourist attractions, and it has attracted international students for higher education and fair tuition fees.

You will find some of the Austrian universities in the World University ranking. 

Is the University of Vienna free?

Austria has a low tuition fee institution; citizens of a non-EU/EEA country pay a fee of 700 Euro plus the Students’ Union fee of 20 Euro per semester. This applies to public universities, although tuition fees vary.

The official language of Austria is German; there are also other recognized languages; there are Courses at Austrian universities that are mostly taught in either German or English. It is more common to find postgraduate courses.

University of Vienna

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It was in Founded in1365. the University of Vienna is a public research university located in Vienna, Austria. it is the oldest university in Austria. The university is one of the highest-ranked among the higher institutions in Austria.

The University of Vienna offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate students, programs like Mathematics, Catholic and Protestant Theology, Law, and Computer Science, Social Sciences and Psychology, Life Sciences and Natural Sciences, Economic Sciences, Sports Sciences, Philological-Cultural Studies and Historical-Cultural Studies, 

The university is among the cheapest universities in Austria. The university has more than 90,000 students and also home thousands of international student’s yearly,

In fact, at the University of Vienna, the language centre offers language courses for more than 30 foreign languages; this means international students can learn as many foreign languages while studying. Most programs at the university are taught in English. 

Medical University of Graz

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The Medical University of Graz is a public medical university located in Graz, Austria. Over the years, the medical university of Graz specializes in training medical students.

The medical university of Graz is one of the best in the world. They have the standard facilities for training students. There are series of programs for other students, with over 5,000 students. 

There is 19 department, and they offer programs like Medicine, Dental medicine, nursing, PhD and doctoral studies, postgraduate courses. Its alumni include the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacologist and many other medical scientists.

At the medical university of Graz, there are various scholarships available for PhD program.

University of Innsbruck

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Innsbruck was founded in 1669, is a public university in Innsbruck, and is one of the oldest universities in Austria.

There are programs like Biology, Business, Architecture, Education Sciences, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering Sciences, and others offered at the university. The University of Innsbruck has over 25000 students, including international students.

The university is ranked among the top national universities in Austria and ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. The university offers a low tuition fee for students, and there is a scholarship available as well. 

University of Linz

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Founded in 1966, The Johannes Kepler University Linz is a public institution of higher education in Austria. It is located in Linz, Austria.

There are four faculties and three schools at the University of Linz, with over 23,000 students, which include international students. The university offers bachelor, masters, diploma and doctoral degrees in business, engineering, law, science, social sciences and medicine and many more.

The university has well-qualified teachers with over 100 professors, and they have an enabling environment that will help students gain a better experience. The University of Linz takes part in European and international programs such as ERASMUS+, adding more value to students. In addition, the university awards merit scholarships to outstanding students with good academic records.

University of Salzburg

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The University of Salzburg is a public university in Austria.  It is one of the oldest universities in Austria. The university has more than 18,000 students, including international students who come from different countries.

The University of Salzburg offers programs for undergraduate, diplomas courses, master’s degree and doctoral studies. There are scholarships available for bachelor, master and doctoral programs.

Some majors faculties at the University of Salzburg

• Catholic Theological Faculty

• Faculty of Law

• Faculty of Culture and Social Sciences

• Faculty of Science

I hope that this article on cheap universities in Austria was helpful.

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