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By | February 21, 2023


Australian high schools offer scholarships to international students. International students can get assistance with tuition fees and funding. Australia is the third most popular destination for international students. According to the Department of Education and Training, around 200,000 international students studied in Australian institutions in 2017. The Department of Education and Training offers a range of scholarships to help cover tuition fees and living costs for international students. These scholarships are offered by government departments as well as universities or colleges.

Australia is no doubt end of the best countries to study; the Australian government offers many scholarships to international students. This scholarship is available to bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. Australia has a high-quality education system. The federal and state governments fund universities, which are free for local students. Last year, 16% of revenue for Australian universities came from international student tuition fees.

By applying for an Australian scholarship, international students will be able to get a good education without having to worry about tuition fees. Furthermore, scholarships can also help with the acceptance rate of the university. An Australian scholarship is a funding opportunity that does not require repayment. It can be awarded to international students accepted into a university in Australia. Scholarships are often available for specific courses or faculties.


There are plenty of international scholarships offered in Australia. Some Australian universities offer financial assistance for international students who can’t afford the full-fee tuition. Others provide grants, which are essentially free money that the university gives you to help with living expenses or tuition fees. To become an international student in Australia, you need a student visa and a letter of acceptance from a registered training provider in Australia. Once you have these two things, you’re eligible to apply for a student visa from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

This article will explore the different types of scholarships that international students can get in Australia.

Scholarships have become a crucial part of student life, and they have been transforming the way students get higher education. A scholarship is a type of financial aid that students get to finance their tuition fees or pay for their studies. There are many types of scholarships from different sources, and each one has its eligibility criteria for students.

Scholarships offer a range of benefits for international students. They help cover the tuition fees and provide travel and accommodation. 

International students looking to study in Australia should be aware of the difference between grants and scholarships. Grants are usually awarded based on financial need, whereas scholarships are awarded based on merit.

For some universities in Australia with No application fee, click here; you can apply for scholarships in Australia. Most of these scholarships are fully funded by the Australian government. 

Listed below are some universities that offer scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates.

The Australian Catholic University 

Australian catholic university offers a range of scholarships for international students. Australian Catholic University was opened on 1 January 1991 following the amalgamation of four Catholic tertiary institutions in eastern Australia.

The Australian Catholic University is among the top 80 universities in the Asia Pacific. The university offers scholarships to the Peter Faber Business School students taking up business and information technology programs.

Australian Catholic University offers courses like Philosophy & Theology, Business, and Management, Education, Health Sciences, Computer Science $ IT, Arts, Design & Architecture, Psychology, Public Health, Law and criminology, Nursing and Midwifery, and a lot more.

Some of the top scholarships offered at the Australian Catholic university 

Australian Catholic University international students’ scholarship

Global excellence scholarship

Allianz care scholarship 

The University of Melbourne – Melbourne Chancellors Scholarship

Melbourne chancellors’ scholarship is available to domestic and international undergraduate students who have attained outstanding academic achievement. There is no additional application required. Firstly, after the University of Melbourne has offered you a place, you are considered for this award. It also covers almost 50% of tuition fees, available in all study areas. The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre is the administrative body that processes applications for universities in Victoria. The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) receives and processes admissions applications to courses on behalf of universities. 

Find out about scholarships available at the University of Melbourne. Here. 

The University of Western Australia – Global Excellence Scholarship 

The university of western Australia is one of the top leading institutions globally, and they offer scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Global excellence scholarship is open for 2022 for students from the selected countries below, and they can apply for a particular course at the university. 

Selected Countries are Europe, Africa, North America, North Asia, Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

The Global Excellence Scholarship is valued at AUD$36,000 – AUD$48,000 for undergraduates, and it is renewable for four years on eligible courses, while postgraduate students can receive up to AUD$24,000 for two years, depending on eligible courses. 

The Australian National University 

The Australian National University offers scholarships to incoming international undergraduate and graduate students. The Chancellor’s International Scholarship aims to promote and attract aspiring international students in Australia, open to all international students. This scholarship in Australia gives tuition fee discounts to some categories of students; there is a tuition fee discount of 25% or 50% to eligible students who applied for three years of study for undergraduate and two years of study for [postgraduate. 

Note: there is no need to apply for the scholarship as you will be considered if you meet all the requirements. 

How to apply for this scholarship? Click here

Australia National University has numerous scholarships for you, and there are many scholarships opportunities at Australia National University for all students. Click on the link for prestigious scholarships

for external scholarships at Australia National University, click here 

The University of Adelaide Scholarships 

 Global citizens scholarships 

The University of Adelaide is one of the leading institutions in Australia. With a strong reputation, the university offers numerous scholarships to domestic and international students. 

The global citizen’s scholarship is available to students commencing in the period between 2021 -2025, the scholarship is available for international undergraduate and postgraduate students, and it is available for study in all areas. An applicant must have a minimum GPA score. 

Global Academic excellence scholarship 

The global academic excellence scholarship is available to all faculty at the University of Adelaide, and the scholarship has a 50% reduction on tuition fees for the selected applicant. 

The University of New South Wales – International research scholarships

The Australian government research training program for international students, valued at $28,000 per annum, also covers students’ health insurance. The Australian government funds this scholarship. The duration for Ph.D. is 3-5 years, with two years for a research master’s.  

University international postgraduate award, tuition fees

Tuition fee scholarship plus a research stipend

How to apply; click here.

Griffith university international postgraduate research 

The Griffith university international postgraduate research is a fully-funded scholarship; it covers tuition fees for up to three years for doctoral candidates and two years for research masters’ candidates. This scholarship also covers health insurance for the duration of the scholarship. Check out more scholarships for international offers at Griffith University. Click here. 

I hope that this article on Australian University’s scholarships was helpful.


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