Turkiye Burslari Scholarships for International students

By | February 21, 2023


Turkiye Burslari Scholarships

Turkey provides scholarships to international students from all over the globe to study at its most prominent universities, in addition to offering possibilities for education of a high standard and a wealth of information and experience. In order to pursue full-time or short-term programs at Turkey’s leading institutions, excellent students and researchers are given Türkiye Scholarships, a government-funded, competitive scholarship program. The goal of the Türkiye Scholarships program is to create a network of future leaders devoted to enhancing international cooperation and intercultural understanding.

There are two programs that are accepting applications: undergraduate and graduate programs. Applications will be accepted from those interested in pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Different application deadlines are set for additional programs including Research Scholarships, Success Scholarships, and KATP, which are also routinely publicized on our website and social media platforms.



The distinctive feature of Türkiye Scholarships is that they offer university placement, academic, social, and cultural facilities to its grantees at all levels of higher education in addition to financial support, tuition fees, housing, and health insurance.

Groups who qualify:
• People from all nations
• individuals who have graduated or will graduate at the conclusion of the current school year (before August 2022)
• academicians and researchers

Unqualified Groups

• Turkish nationals and those who no longer hold Turkish citizenship
• Those who are already enrolled in Turkish institutions’ programs at the level of education they plan to apply for.

How to Apply

• Create your personal account on the Türkiye Scholarships Application System.
• Upload all required documents. It will also be beneficial for you to include your extracurricular activities in different fields.
• List your dream University and Program preferences.
• Write an original letter of intent explaining your preferences, expectations and goals for the future.
• After reviewing all the stages and documents, approve your application.

Required Documents

All applicants must upload the following files to the Türkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS) in order to submit an online application:
• a valid passport, ID card, or another form of identification
• a picture of the candidate that was taken a little more than a year ago
• outcomes of national exams (if any)
• A diploma or temporary certificate of graduation
• Transcript Results of any needed international exams (such as the GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.)
• Results of any foreign language exams, such as the TOEFL or DELF, that the selected university or program may demand
• a suggestion for a research subject and a written illustration of the study you’ve done (only for PhD applications)

Deadline: Dates for applications: 10 January through 20 February 2022. Applications for the 2022 Türkiye Scholarships will be accepted in one round, from 10 January to 20 February 2022, and are available to foreign students from all nations.

Note: Turkish language instruction is used in several programs at Turkish institutions. However, certain academic institutions and departments could provide courses in both English and other languages. Candidates who want to enroll in these programs must be able to present a certificate of language competency that has been recognized globally. (TOEFL or other similar credentials, if accepted by the institution).

The majority of these programs demand results from international admissions tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.). When selecting programs in the application system, candidates have the option of checking the language of instruction.

Candidates for undergraduate programs who have resulted from foreign examinations like the SAT or GCSE must also submit the minimal requirements for finishing secondary school as determined by these international exams. The C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency must be obtained before the conclusion of the academic year for all recipients of Türkiye Scholarships who do not already have it (including those enrolled in programs taught in English or other languages).

Evaluation and Selection Process

Applications for Türkiye Scholarships are evaluated based on the applicant’s academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and motivation in the field of study of choice.

  • Preliminary Assessment: Basic requirements including minimum academic accomplishment, age restrictions for each level of study, and necessary documentation are used to evaluate all applications.
  • Expert Evaluation: The Expert Committee evaluates applications from qualified applicants based on a number of factors, including academic standing, prior experience, academic interests, professional aspirations, consistency of preferences, letter of intent content, and involvement in extracurricular activities. The final list of candidates who qualify for the interview procedure is created after this step.
  • Tests: Prior to the in-person interviews conducted by the Presidential Delegations, undergraduate applicants take a 30-question quantitative test including questions in arithmetic, geometry, and logic. Prior to the interview, tests will be given to applicants applying to the fields of engineering, science, and health sciences, which get the most applications in comparison to other disciplines. Candidates applying in the field of social sciences will also take tests, and the outcomes will be assessed in relation to those of other candidates in the same field.
    Both questions that call for explanations and those that don’t will be included in the exam. The explanations will be given in both Turkish and English. Candidates who are applying in the above-mentioned fields should endeavor to demonstrate a sufficient level of English to be able to understand and respond to the test’s questions, as English sources are frequently used in basic courses in health, science, and engineering programs in Turkey and many other nations around the world.
    Although the test takes into mind the country’s educational curricula, questions have also been designed in accordance with the Turkish curriculum. Candidates for undergraduate study in Turkey should be familiar with the foundational subjects taught there.
    Face-to-face interviews will be performed in morning and afternoon sessions on the same day as the test. When candidates are invited to the interview, they will be given information on the exam and interview timeslots.
    The 30-question exam will have a 60-minute time limit.
  • Interview: Interview panels made up of academics and specialists examine the candidates chosen from the final list of more than 100 nations. The interview is conducted in the following format and lasts, on average, 15 to 30 minutes:
    • Greetings and entrance
    • Examining papers
    • the reason for the applicant’s application
    • Education and career objectives
    • final remarks and committee inquiries on candidates
    All supporting documentation and transcripts from the most recent schooling the applicant has completed must be brought to the interview.
  • Final Assessment: A selection committee evaluates the outcomes of the applicant interviews performed by the interview committees, and a list of candidates who will get scholarships is produced. The overall eligibility of the applicant for Türkiye Scholarships is assessed at this last review stage.


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