Best Masters in Public Health Programs in Canada

By | February 21, 2023


Why study in Canada?

Canada is home to over 45 million people, Canada is a choice for international students wanting to study, due to the world-class education and affordable tuition fee in almost all their universities, Canada welcomes more than 400,000 international students annually. Canada has two official languages; English and French.
International students will find Canada attractive, they have the best standard of research and teaching, learning resources for a greater study experience. Canadian universities are ranked among the world’s 500 universities, which means you will get the best education and cultural experience.

Cost of studying and living in Canada.

There are private and public university in Canada that offers bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. They are cheap universities that are affordable for international students, international students are can expect to budget from $17,000 per year for an undergraduate degree. A postgraduate degree will cost more. Other costs are administration fees, health insurance, application fees (this fee is not fixed, the applicant should check the school website for more information, but the applicant should budget for $120 – $200). International students can work both on-campus and off-campus without a work permit.

What does it mean to be a public health professional?

Public health professionals focus on preventing disease and injury by promoting healthy lifestyles.


Is public health a good career?

Public health is a highly impactful and rewarding career, there are many other reasons people are drawn to public health such as job security, opportunities for growth, and versatility.

Public health involves the application of many different disciplines:
Biology, Anthropology, Public policy, Mathematics, Engineering, Education, Psychology, Computer science, Sociology, Medicine, Business and others.

Master of Public Health, a professional degree that can only be obtained by first getting your bachelor’s degree.
What can you do with a global public health degree?
Opportunities include staff positions in non-governmental organizations, consulting firms, community clinics, health systems corporations, professional associations, government agencies, pharmaceutical and supply companies, and public relations firms.
It takes 1.5 to 2-year to pursue public health in Canada and the cost of pursuing the program with the top Canadian universities ranges between 6,000 to 45,000 USD. However, there are scholarships available for international students studying in Canada.

Universities in Canada with Master’s in Public Health

University of Toronto – Dalla Lana School of Public Health

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The University of Toronto was founded in the year 1827. The university is a public research university in Toronto, it was formally pronounced as ‘Kings College’. It is the largest university in Canada, which continue to attract outstanding student and academics from around the world. The university is located in one of the safest cities in the world and a safe place to live and has the third-largest public transit in North America. It has also produced four prime ministers for Canada. The University of Toronto is rank number 1 in Canada and ranked 18 in the global is the most populous city in Canada, which has 3 main campuses: St. George, Mississauga (in the west), and Scarborough (in the East).
The campuses offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs in several fields of study. The University of Toronto has maintained the top ranking at all levels, the University of Toronto was ranked 18th (time higher education,2020.), 25th in QS- World university ranking(2020), 23th Shanghai Ranking – ARWU, 3rd National Taiwan University Ranking(2020), 17th U.S. News & World Report(2020).

University of Waterloo

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Founded In 1957, the university of waterloo faculty of public health is recognized among the top universities in Canada and globally. The University of Waterloos has over 42,000+ students attending annually, Waterloo is #1 in Canada for experiential learning and employer-student connections.
With a global network spanning more than 220,000 alumni in 151 countries, Waterloo attracts world-class scholars including a Nobel Laureate, leads in providing work-integrated learning opportunities with 7,100+ active co-op employers, and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that’s created 5,000+ jobs through Velocity alone, Canada’s most productive startup incubator by private investment.
The University of Waterloo continues to spur innovation to solve problems on a global scale. Together, with the help of our partners and community, we can accomplish even more.

Queen’s University.

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For more than 175 years, our community has been more than a collection of bright minds – Queen’s has attracted people with an ambitious spirit. Queen’s University is highly ranked in Canada for student experience, taking an inclusive approach, and offering the best learning-teaching environment.

The Queens University is a Home to more than 24,000 students, Queen’s offers series of undergraduate and graduate rates. Queen’s University is known for its diverse learning opportunities, a broad range of student services, and supports. They have over 150, 000 alumni in 153 countries. They are various scholarships for international students.

University of Guelph

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Three campuses: Guelph, Ontario, Guelph-Humber Toronto, Ontario, Ridge town, Ontario. Over 24,000 students learn at the University of Guelph every year. More than 800 faculty teach here every year. More than 1,800 research projects to improve life in a variety of capacities are currently underway.
At university Guelph, the public health program is a five-semester degree program, with experiential training in public health practice, public health programs provide opportunities in specifics areas which include epidemiology, healthy policy, environmental public health, infectious disease, zoonotic, foodborne, and waterborne disease.
There are over 180,000 alumni in over 150 countries. The University of Guelph has various scholarships available to support students.

the University of British Columbia – School of Population and Public Health.

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The University of British Columbia (UBC) was established in 1915. Is public research and learning, which is also the center of teaching and is consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world and recently recognized as the top best university in Canada and is mostly recognized as North America’s most international university.
The University of British Columbia has two campuses, the Vancouver campus, and the Okanagan campus. Vancouver campus is located on the western side of the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. With more than 400 hectares of land, it is surrounded by forest and ocean, it is just a few minute’s drive to Vancouver’s downtown core.
For more information on public health admission, kindly visit:

McGill University

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McGill University in Montreal, Québec. Was established in 1821, McGill University is ranked as one of the best universities worldwide and is also ranked as a medical doctoral university. McGill University is one of the oldest universities with over 150 years of establishing, with a rich history. The university is one of the English-Language universities in Quebec.
McGill University has over 300 undergraduate programs of study and over 400 programs of study for both Masters, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research. It has more than 80 departments. Some of the programs are Business and economics, education, engineering, environment, Health Sciences, Humanities and social sciences, languages, Math, computing and technology, music, politics, and law, pure and applied sciences

The University of Ottawa – School of Epidemiology and Public Health

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The university Ottawa was founded in 1848, it is located in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. University of Ottawa campus cover 40.1 hectares and the Alta Vista campus has 8.1 hectares of space. The University of Ottawa is a unique place to learn, grow. Ottawa is the fourth-largest city in Canada, the population of Ottawa is estimated to be above one million.
The University of Ottawa is ranked 145th in the world in the 2021 Times Higher Education Ranking,
Ranking among the top 10 research universities in Canada and a member of the U7 International Alliance, the University of Ottawa generates nearly $350 million in research revenue annually and is home to 94 Canada Research Chairs and 23 research centers and institutes.

Currently, as of 2020, the University of Ottawa received applications for both undergraduate and graduate admission of over 90,000. It has more than 40,000 students, more than 5000 staff, and 200,000 alumni, it has more than 450 programs in 9 faculties, student scholarships and bursaries are close to $60 million per year. The University of Ottawa is the first and largest Canadian university interesting in French teaching, in uOttawa French and English are accepted and it is completely taught in both languages.

McMaster University – Faculty of Health Sciences

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McMaster University was founded in the year 1887 in Toronto. it was later relocated to the city of Hamilton in the year 1930, and it was one of the oldest institutes in Canada. The McMaster University is a public university known for its extensive research-oriented and medical-doctoral university.
McMaster University is located in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The city has many advantages, starting from the cheap transit, cheap rent, and food, in fact, you have access to the Toronto airport by bus ride. You can fly in and out of Hamilton. Hamilton is called “the city of waterfalls” because it has more than 100 waterfalls within the city.
McMaster University has four regional campuses, which include Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener-waterloo, and Burlington. The main campus of McMaster University is located in Hamilton, Ontario, which comprises of different faculties: Arts & Science, Health Sciences, Science, Engineering, and school of business. There are over 3000 courses in McMaster universities for undergraduate and 150 graduate courses. It has over 300,000 McMaster alumni working around the globe.

Simon Fraser University

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Simon Fraser University is a 56-year old public research university with a mission to stay committed to scholarly excellence, leading-edge pedagogy, an innovative curriculum, engagement with teachers, differentiated staffing, and participatory democratic culture. The institution was created in an effort to expand higher education across Canada.
Simon Fraser University embraces diversity and celebrates new ideas and it is also Canada’s leading comprehensive university with three vibrant urban campuses and deeply rooted partnerships at home and worldwide. The institution creates a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where all feel welcome, safe, accepted, and appreciated in learning, teaching, research, and work.

University of Alberta

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The University of Alberta is one of the world’s top universities, which know for research and making discoveries that help to build new businesses and industries, which can help improve human capital. The University of Alberta is located in the city of Edmonton in Canada with over one million population. The University of Alberta is ranked among the top 5 research universities in Canada and also has over $500M annual research funding.
The University of Alberta has five campuses: North Campus Edmonton, Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean, Edmonton, Alberta, Augustana Camrose, Alberta, South Campus, and Edmonton, Alberta. Enterprise Square, Edmonton, Alberta.
The University of Alberta has over 18 faculties across the five campuses, out of the five, four in Edmonton, one in Camrose. North campus gigantic buildings covering 50 city blocks to the North Saskatchewan River. Campus Saint-Jean is majorly for French-language campus, and Augustana is a historic campus with a well unique and learning environment, the south campus is basically for agricultural research and it has recreational facilities. Enterprise square is for entrepreneurs

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