SCRF Funded Research Opportunity for Students

By | February 21, 2023


SCRF – Pan African Grant

Blockchain technology has affected different sectors and modes of operation, leading to innovative adoption and use cases. The need for research is associated with this disruption and advancement caused by the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. This is where the Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) plays a role in encouraging and supporting research in the blockchain sector.

About SCRF:

The Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) is a not-for-profit public benefits organization dedicated to advancing research focused on serving the web3 space. SCRF distributes grants, facilitates resources, and provides operational support to organizations and independent researchers who create actionable research in support of the mission.

SCRF presents a Pan-African Grant for African researchers in line with this vision.


Overview of the SCRF Pan African Micro-Grants Program:

The Pan-African Micro-Grants Program is the first of SCRF’s regional grants efforts, focusing initially on Western Africa. The program aims to extend micro-grants to academics and researchers to write research summaries based on African academic papers or regional blockchain case studies.

Africa has a long history of technological ” leapfrogging from the early adoption of solar power to mobile phone usage and mobile payments, Africa has a long history of technological “leapfrogging.” The continent has repeatedly proven that it is capable of radical technical innovation. Developing nations in the region are perfectly positioned to leapfrog the legacy financial system through the widespread adoption of blockchain. Yet, these developments remain largely unknown outside of Africa.

Through this program, SCRF aims to publish a steady stream of public and open African-focused research that may not otherwise be available to the broader crypto community.


Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for participation in this program. Academics, researchers, and industry participants are also welcome to apply. Applicants should be affiliated with an African university or be from an African country studying abroad.

Compensation and Logistics:

Grant recipients will receive $300 to write a single case study summary.

SCRF pays in cryptocurrency. For longer commitments, we can make alternative arrangements. If unable to accept funds directly, alternative options could include:

Funding a project (personal and group projects)
Conference travel
Charitable donations to an endowment
Credits for computing resources, archive nodes, etc
Direct support of a blockchain-related organization or event of choice

This is an avenue to develop your skills in blockchain research and receive funding for your projects.

For more information about SCRF and the Pan African Grants Program, and apply today.


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