DAAD Scholarship

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DAAD Scholarship

The greatest financing source for foreign students from underdeveloped nations is the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Scholarship in Germany. Since its founding in 1925, this organization has provided funding for about two million researchers in Germany and other countries. For admission to German universities for the academic year 2022, overseas students may now apply for DAAD Scholarships 2022-2023.

A scholarship program in Germany called the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) specifically caters to students from underdeveloped nations. The DAAD provides a wide range of degree programs taught in both English and German with the goals of training future leaders, giving access to some of the greatest study and research opportunities, and assisting developing nations in the establishment of functional university systems. Learn more about the DAAD, the requirements for applying, and the benefits of the scholarship by reading this guide to the DAAD scholarship.

Many students from these developing nations submit applications for DAAD scholarships, and when they are chosen, they have the chance to enroll in a number of German institutions. These DAAD scholarships are given to students in 2022–2023 to help them pay for courses that are taught in both German and English.


However, undergraduate students are not eligible for the DAAD scholarships in 2022; only postgraduate students are. An applicant for the DAAD scholarship must provide documentation of two years of employment. The DAAD scholarship is only available for courses that last more than a year but less than three years.

Academic costs, a monthly stipend, health and accident insurance, a travel allowance, accommodations for the family members, and a monthly rent subsidy are all covered by the scholarship. The finest chance for overseas students to receive financial aid to attend prestigious German colleges is now available.


Daad Scholarship is hosted by Germany for the Master, MPhil, MBA, LLM, and Ph.D. Degree levels. The Master’s Degree Scholarship lasts between 12 to 24 months while the Doctoral Scholarship lasts between 12 to 42 months. The scholarship covers the following fields of study; Economics, Development-related sciences, Engineering (Sciences), Mathematics, Architecture (and related)/ Urban Development, Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Health-related Sciences, Education Sciences, Law, Media Sciences, Political Sciences, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Geography & Geosciences, Forestry Science, Social Sciences, and Business Administration.


  • You stand a chance to be enrolled in a German university if your application for the scholarship is granted.
  • There is a monthly allowance of 750 Euros for postgraduate students.
  • The monthly stipend for doctoral students is 1000 euros.
  • Students pursuing doctorates and postgraduate degrees are covered by health insurance.
  • Additionally, there is a clause that allows these students to get a travel allowance.
  • The students receive free education at a German institution.
  • The institution also provides free housing for its students.

Entry Requirements

A candidate for this award must have successfully finished a Bachelor’s degree program that lasted no more than six years.

Students who apply for this award must additionally provide documentation of two years of employment.

Depending on the subject they pick, the student is not required to comprehend either German or English.

How to Apply

  • The application form must first be downloaded from the DAAD scholarship website. Fill complete this form with your information.
  • Downloading a Europas Specimen form, which will assist you in creating a customized CV with your handwritten signature, is the next step.
  • Make sure you also have a handwritten motivation letter that outlines your professional background and includes references for the same.
  • You should submit your application together with a research proposal because German institutions could ask for one.
  • Don’t forget to include a letter of recommendation from your former university.
  • Make sure to include a letter of recommendation from your prior place of employment.
  • A letter of assured employment when you return to your home country after finishing the course is optional.
  • A student can take proficiency exams in English and German. These consist of;
  • IELTS: Each university sets its own acceptance scores, which are based on the selected course.
    German Language: For students who select courses taught in German, this test is required.
    The TOEFL exam isn’t recognized.
  • Students who are interested in the DAAD scholarship should submit a direct application to the University for Degree Programmes.
  • You should find out whether there are any other papers that you might need to support your academic endeavors in addition to those required to apply for the DAAD award.
  • There are several methods to apply directly for a course at a German university. Some colleges accept online applications, while others need hardcopy applications to be sent via postal services.
  • What to include in your proposal
    Applications for Research Grants must include a detailed proposal. A proposal outlines the project you will be working on in great detail. You should mention:
  • The overall area of research, the studies you have conducted, the theories you will utilize, the scientific models you will employ, the justifications for doing so, etc.
  • The project’s goals, research topics, and academic applicability.
  • Your data-collecting techniques and study tactics.
  • The scholarly works you’ll consult.
  • The challenges in gathering data were anticipated.

A bibliography of sources.
Selection Criteria: The project’s quality and the applicant’s academic accomplishments are the two primary factors that determine the selection criterion.

Are you allowed to work while on the DAAD Scholarship?

You should first get the DAAD’s permission if you intend to work part-time while on your scholarship. Additionally, the permission of your mentor or course coordinator is required. The part-time job cannot conflict with the scholarship’s objectives. However, the monthly stipend will be reduced by any income that is greater than €450 gross per month.


The deadline for submission of applications for the Daad Scholarship depends on the program you have selected to study.
Applications are presently being accepted for the DAAD scholarships. Any German institution will have courses you may take, and you can apply for a DAAD scholarship to help fund your studies. Before submitting your applications, please double-check the list of DAAD Scholarship application due dates.

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