Cheapest Scholarships in Canada

By | February 21, 2023


Cheapest Scholarships in Canada

Getting absorbed in a multicultural environment is a certainty of studying in Canada. The Canadian culture is proud of its variety. The tuition prices are lower in Canada than they are in England, the US, or Australia, making it more economical to study there. In addition, Canada offers several fully paid scholarships to international students. For most foreign students, Canada is their ideal study destination. Most recently, 56,000 study programs were authorized in Canada.

 It is one of the nations that offers the most and top cheapest scholarships. As everyone is aware, Canada has one of the top educational systems in the world and is frequently rated as one of the best nations in the world. Also, without IELTS, you can attend university in Canada.

Canadian scholarships are fully funded which makes them the cheapest; they pay for all of your costs, including food, lodging, full tuition, additional fees, stipends, and medical care. You all have a fantastic opportunity, so take advantage of it by applying as soon as you can. We recommend you submit an application for any of the Canada 2023 Fully Funded Scholarships. These scholarship’s full details are provided below. 


  1. Montréal University Scholarships

This scholarship is available to Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral students who desire to study in Canada and Montréal University to be precise. There are about 600 slots for students every year to study in this institution which is regarded as the third most international institution in Canada and has more than 10,000 international students. The financial coverage is fully funded making it one of the cheapest options for international students who are pursuing Bachelor’s, Master, and Ph.D. degrees. Its application deadline is on February 1, 2023.

2. Trudeau Scholarships

Trudeau Scholarships are offered by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and are renewable for three consecutive years for any program in a Canadian University. At least 16 doctoral and international students are chosen for this scholarship grant annually. The program not only funds their tuition fees but includes leadership training and a host of other programs aimed at developing active leaders by giving excellent Ph.D. candidates the tools to put their ideas into practice and improve their communities, Canada, and the world at large. For three years, Trudeau doctoral students can receive up to $60,000 in funding to cover their tuition, living expenses, networking opportunities, travel costs, and language-learning-related activities.

3. University of Toronto Scholarship

The application portal for the University Of Toronto Scholarships 2022 is now open. Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students are eligible for the scholarships. The University of Toronto which has been routinely rated 18th worldwide and No. 1 in Canada offers opportunities to both domestic and international students. The scholarship will pay for all living expenses, food, housing, stipends, and medical care. Its deadline is on 13th January 2023 and it has available 5000 scholarships granted on the basis of merit or financial needs. 90 students upon successful application into the first year of direct entry will receive an entrance scholarship of $10,000 under the grant name President’s Scholars of Excellence.

4. University of Alberta Scholarships

Another cheap scholarship you can apply for is the University of Alberta Scholarship. It is readily available to Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph. D students, and the University of Alberta welcomes an influx of about 7000 international students to study in Canada as beneficiaries of the grant. There are 200 Undergraduate programs, 500 graduate programs, and 300 research areas to choose from. The deadline for submission of applications is on 1st May 2022. The University of Alberta awards at least $34 million every year to undergraduates as scholarships, awards, and financial support to its students regardless of academic performance, community participation, or scholarly achievements.

5. Concordia University Presidential Scholarship

Concordia University embraces both Canadian citizens and International students to participate in over 6000 study programs for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. degrees. It houses about 35,000 international students and 20,000 Alumni from around the world proving that it is one of the cheapest and easiest to apply for a scholarship in Canada. It also includes Diploma and Certificate programs in its program outline.

6. University of Ottawa Scholarships

There is great diversity marked by a number of international students in the University of Ottawa due to the fact that it offers a renewable scholar Undergraduates, Master’s, Ph.D., Microprograms, short programs, and Graduate Diplomas are all welcomed to apply for the University of Ottawa Scholarships as it is one of the cheapest scholarships in Canada with no academic restrictions as to their undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The financial coverage of this scholarship is of two categories; Fully and Partially Funded.

7. University of Waterloo Scholarships

Waterloo Scholarships worth about $10,000 is available to Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. degree students. For these scholarships, you automatically get qualified to receive the grant once you gain admission into the University of Waterloo. You are also at liberty to choose any course available at the University of Waterloo. All these benefits make this 9th-ranked University in Canada one of the cheapest awardees of university scholarships. There are two top scholarships at the University of Waterloo; the University of Waterloo 2023 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST)

8. McGill University Scholarships

McGill University has over 400 programs in over 80 departments, giving the students variety of choices. These scholarships have been made available for Masters and Ph.D. level degree programs and award 60 full scholarships and 20 partially funded scholarships to Graduate students. The University is most committed to helping students pursue their academic goals when they require financial assistance. It also offers bursaries to students who are from low-income-earning families.

9. University of Regina Scholarships in Canada

This scholarship is available to applicants all over the world. Applying for this gives you the opportunity to study as well as research at the University of Regina which is well-known as a Canadian public research University established in 1911. It offers internships, professional placements, and various degree programs and its scholarship grant is worth about $20,000 and the deadline varies according to the courses the student chooses to apply for.

10. British Columbia Scholarships in Canada

International students in Canada are eligible for fully funded scholarships from the University of British Columbia. UBC is open to applicants from all over the world who have creative ideas for tackling various communities’ problems. The benefit of at least $18,200 per year plus tuition for up to four years of doctoral study is available to applicants. We advised you to submit an application for the 2023 British Columbia Graduate Scholarship. It’s a fantastic chance to conduct research and study in Canada.

All these and more are options for you to explore while searching for easy and cheap scholarships in Canada. Before applying for these scholarships, be sure to research on each of the Universities in question and the courses available in the institution.