Best Nursing Schools in France for International Students

By | May 17, 2024


Best Nursing school in France.

Nursing is one of the most prestigious and popular courses and degree programs. It is known as the 2nd base for those who were not admitted to study Medicine and Surgery. With the influx of graduates and aspirants, the stereotype is to study in a country with the least GDP which will subsequently alleviate their poverty.

Nevertheless, there are people who are passionate about nursing, helping people, and giving aid in hospitals and clinics. But the fact remains that finding a nursing school is a bit hard because you have to search for one that will train you and help you master your physical skills in medical duties. Although this is not the only factor to consider, this is the main factor in looking for a nursing school.


Another factor to help you in choosing a nursing school is determining the curriculum and quality of education such a nursing school offers. Then consider their environment and equipment. Nursing is more of a practical course, so it is necessary to choose a school that can offer you the chance to learn the practical basis of your profession. After considering this, you can now start thinking of which country you want to study in. When doing this, pick a country with a school that can offer you a graduate degree in Nursing.

You can then consider if you would like to work immediately after getting a degree. You should them get a country which has good working conditions and offer good benefits to employees.

France has all these advantages and has Nursing schools that offer quality education. France is an excellent country for discovering good universities and obtaining scientific degrees not only for becoming a nurse but for many other professions. The list of reasons why France is the number one choice among international students has to do with the educational system. As a European country known for its culture and progress in many branches of study, it doesn’t restrict international students to studying only the French language. You can as well find programs in the English language.

Also, the tuition cost in France is very reasonable and this gives International students the opportunity to aspire to study in France. These and many more are reasons you should make France your education destination.

France is one of the biggest nations in Europe. Six other countries border it: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Italy to the northeast; Spain to the southeast; and France to the southwest. The English Channel forms the country’s boundary with France. Due to the presence of numerous sizable international airports, including two in Paris, ferry terminals, and the French rail system, the nation is regarded as the entryway to Europe.

What if we also informed you that France boasts one of the most esteemed educational systems in the world, as if everything else we’ve said about it wasn’t enough? You can easily find an excellent education in the nation whether you’re looking for undergraduate courses, postgraduate education, or something else entirely. There are numerous universities and educational facilities offering a top-notch education to people worldwide in every region.

In 1998, the French government enacted a robust support program to welcome international students to French educational institutions.

The universities in France provide a variety of class schedules and course options, allowing students to enroll in their programs either full- or part-time. The times that you can attend each of these courses will vary depending on the college. Finding something that works with your schedule and enables you to attend university on your own terms, however, is not difficult. Some French institutions might also allow students to use their personal computers to finish some of their coursework at home.

More than 3,500 higher education facilities exist in France, including the following:

• 77 public institutions that grant degrees across all academic fields and act as the main academic research hubs

• A parallel system of Grandes Ecoles offering specialized programs in science, economics, the arts, and other fields and awarding 5-year certificates equal to Masters degrees

• Architectural colleges

• There are more than 3,000 specialized institutions offering degrees in a wide range of fields, such as social work, hotel administration, culinary arts, and tourism.

The best Nursing Schools in France are;

  1. Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University

Over 200 transdisciplinary programs are offered at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Institution, a public university in France that was established in 1991. There are five campuses spread out over different places in the department of Yvelines in the Île-de-France region. Future nursing students at UVSQ can earn a state diploma as their degree. Students who wish to enroll in this French nursing program must submit an application on the Parcoursup website. Since classes will be held at both the UFR Simone Veil – Santé and the IFSI, students must enroll in both the university and one of the eight IFSIs that the university has partnered with.

UFR Simone Veil – Santé, one of the faculties on the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines campus, offers classes in a variety of disciplines, including psychology, occupational therapy, pharmacy, nursing, and medicine.

2. IFSI Diaconesses de Reuilly

In Paris, France, there is a nursing school called the IFSI Diaconesses de Reuilly Nursing School. The most qualified degree in the area will ultimately be awarded to international students who pursue nursing degrees at this institution. The institute provides three diploma programs for people who want to work as nurses, caretakers, or childcare helpers (auxiliaire de puériculture). This institution offers a strong foundation, knowledge, and skills in what it takes to be a nurse, making it an excellent place to begin your nursing career.

The three-year program at the institute combines academic and practical training provided by Paris Descartes University and a few other nursing institutes, and it is open to applicants who have passed the entry exam. The nursing degree program at the IFSI Diaconesses de Reuilly Nursing School places more emphasis on practical training than on academic study. But these kinds of theoretical studies are scarcely uncommon. Instead, theoretical processes and information are learned and put into practice right immediately during training sessions for nursing students.

3. Institut de Formation Interhospitalier Théodore Simon (IFITS)

Another large nursing school in France catering to international students is the Theodore Simon Interhospital Training Institute. Neuilly-sur-Marne, a city in north-central France, is where this institution is situated, which ups the excitement level of student life. This institution provides high-quality training for a variety of health workers, including paramedics, nurse anesthetists, caretakers, and childcare aides. To be accepted into the nurse training program, candidates who are interested in nursing must pass the admission exam.

A list of the requirements for registration is available on the IFITS website. Additionally, the IFITS’s nursing program only enrolls 201 students a year. After completing the program and earning 180 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) graduates will receive a state certificate in nursing.

4. Aix-Marseille University

The Aix-Marseille Institution is frequently referred to as the largest French-speaking university in the world, not just in France. The Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences (SMPM) at Aix-Marseille University’s core values are education, research, and caring. One of the universities in France that served as the foundation for public health education is the University of Aix-Marseille. In order for the institution to improve and evolve while maintaining the excellent caliber of education it offers, the nursing school has undergone a number of adjustments and curriculum upgrades. To apply for the State Diploma of Nurse in Advanced Practice (Diplôme d’état d’infirmier en pratique avancée), nurses must have three years of experience in the area.

5. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique School of Public Health

The Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique is a premier institution for master’s degree programs in nursing, along with Aix-Marseille University. This institution, which was founded to offer higher education in public health, launched the country’s first Master’s degree program. Foreign students have the option of continuing their education in either English or French. It is a public health school that offers classes that will improve the general health of the populace by equipping graduates with the knowledge necessary to improve the existing state of public health. In order to provide public health education in France at a higher caliber, the EHES School of Public Health was established. Human and social science, quantitative approaches in public health, environmental and occupational health, sanitary engineering, and finally the Institute of Management are some of its departments.

The EHESP provides a comprehensive career-long training program for healthcare professionals such as hospital directors, health establishment directors, and social and medical-social centers, as well as master’s degrees, post-degrees, master’s, and Ph.D. courses.

6. Sorbonne Université

A well-known nursing school in France, Sorbonne University, is a multi-departmental organization with a variety of specializations. In order to address healthcare challenges, the Faculty of Medicine works with the Sorbonne University Hospital Group to support multidisciplinary research that spans the laboratory to the patient and to educate aspiring doctors and other medical professionals.

This university’s strength in the medical field makes it eligible to offer State Diplomas in Advanced Practice Nursing, which are exclusively given by prestigious and esteemed medical institutions. Additionally, the university’s curriculum for this degree is more thorough and vast, encompassing a range of medical specialties like psychiatry, cancer, nephrology, and dialysis.

I hope that this article on Best Nursing schools in France was helpful.


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