University of Toronto Acceptance Rate


The University of Toronto (U of T) was founded in the year 1827. The university is a public research university in Toronto, it is the largest university in Canada, which continue to attract outstanding student and academics from around the world. The university is located in one of the safest cities in the world and has the third-largest public transit in North America.

The University of Toronto is rank number 1 in Canada and ranked 18th in global rankings. It is the most populous city in Canada, which has 3 main campuses: St. George, Mississauga (in the west) and Scarborough (in the East). The campuses offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs in several fields of study.

The University of Toronto offers more than 130 combined degree programs and 70 professional graduate courses, programs in Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Commerce & Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Music and Architecture.

The University of Toronto has produced many leaders in Canada (including four prime ministers of Canada) and around the world. This is due to the excellent education that this university offers. The University of Toronto offered more than hundreds of scholarships to international students to help them achieve their dreams. It has been awarded research funds of over $1.1 billion in grants also it had contributed in so many ways to the Canadian economy. They have an inclusive working and learning environment for staff and students.  U of T has over 600 alumni around the world doing fantastic and contributing in a big way to both private and government sectors. U of T has 44 libraries along with 158 librarians. The University of Toronto library system has more than 19.5 million physical holdings and more than 6.2 million electronic holdings. U of T library system is the third-largest in North America.

Lastly, international students are attracted to the high ranking in universities in Canada, they are also attracted to the beautiful cities, most universities and colleges offer Undergraduate, Masters, PhD programs and professional degrees at an affordable tuition fee.


Acceptance Rate

The admission rate at the University of Toronto for both Local students and international students is at 43% approximately, and 21% of the student body is international, with students coming from 168 countries and regions, compared to other top schools.

Getting into U of T comes with results equivalence, the admitted students must have met up to the standard requirement and it depends on faculty when it comes to eligibility. The population in Canada is small and is around 38 million, which is 1/10 of the US population, with the population of Canada they need to accept more students including international students.

 Yearly, the University of Toronto accepts over 90,000 applicants across the world. If you’re someone with exceptional grades and a stellar profile, you can most certainly get into the University of Toronto. High test scores with academics, extra-curricular activities, and student essays will make your applications strong and improve your chances of getting into the University of Toronto.


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