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The university Ottawa was founded in 1848, it is located in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. Ottawa campus cover 40.1 hectares and the Alta Vista campus has 8.1 hectares of space. The University of Ottawa is a unique place to learn, grow. Ottawa is the fourth-largest city in Canada, the population of Ottawa is estimated to be above one million.

The University of Ottawa is ranked 145th in the world in the 2021 Times Higher Education Ranking,
Ranking among the top 10 research universities in Canada and a member of the U7 International Alliance, the University of Ottawa generates nearly $350 million in research revenue annually and is home to 94 Canada Research Chairs and 23 research centres and institutes.

Currently, as of 2020, the University of Ottawa received applications for both undergraduate and graduate admission of over 90,000. It has more than 40,000 students, more than 5000 staff, and 200,000 alumni, it has more than 450 programs in 9 faculties, student scholarships, and bursaries are close to $60 million per year. The University of Ottawa is the first and largest Canadian university interesting in French teaching, in uOttawa French and English are accepted and it completely taught in both languages

Ottawa is one of the national capital regions, which is also a major economic force. The University of Ottawa has the largest law schools in Canada.

The University of Ottawa received applications from international students from more than 150 countries every year. International students choose the university of Ottawa because of the lower tuition fees and the quality of education. The city has everything, the stunning environment, and the NGOs, and many more


The University of Ottawa undergraduate admission requirement

The University of Ottawa offers different programs to undergraduates in several fields of Arts, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences Law – Common Law, Medicine Science, Social Sciences, and School of management. Which some of the programs are in both English and French. One important thing about the application to the University of Ottawa, applicants must contact the respective faculty for the intended course, some of the programs have application processes different from programs.
Required documents to complete your admission application: official transcripts, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, and information background.

The University of Ottawa Graduate admission requirement

The University of Ottawa has more than 200 Graduate programs, both Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has the following programs: Micro Programs, Short Duration Masters, Masters, Graduate Diplomas, it offers Graduate and Postdoctoral studies in almost all the 9 faculty in the University of Ottawa.
Applicants applying for Masters and graduate diplomas must hold an honour bachelor’s degree of ¾ years from a top university across the globe. Applicants must have an average of 70% or B grade.

Basic requirement:

Official Transcript, CV/resume, Recommendation Letter, and health certificate.

Application fee:

$110 CAD for graduate study, while undergraduate vary.

International applicants

Eligibility depends on the level of education you have completed, this also depends on the country as well, and each country has the required level of study. At the University of Ottawa, an English language proficiency test is necessary if your country is not exempted.

Admission requirements

  • Official Transcripts
  • Recommendation letter
  • A copy of your
  • Application fee
  • Visa requirements for international students, the applicant needs a visa/student permit as soon as possible after candidates must have received admission to study at the University of Ottawa, Canada.
  • Applicants are required to provide the following document: Valid passport, the offer of admission received, medical test, evidence of funds.

Note: if you meet up to the listed requirements, it does not guarantee your admission.
You can apply online through Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). It is important your email address is accurate, the email address will be used to communicate with you. Applications are forwarded to the University of Ottawa after paying the application fee through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

Note: Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) only handles your application submission, before forwarding it to the admission office. They are not part of the University of Ottawa. Your application can only be review after submission and all the necessary documents.
After submitting your application, OUAC will communicate with you within 4-5 days to confirm your application fee. If after one week you still didn’t receive any notification, For more information.
Step to check your admission file after submission

  1. Go to the Student Portal created for all applicants.
  2. Login with your uoAccess ID and a password.
  3. Click login.
    Note: Submit your documents on time to avoid any issues.
    The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) comprises nine departments, schools, and institutes, which offer undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in both English and French. With its 10,000 students, 260 full-time professors, and a wide array of programs and research Centers, the Faculty of Social Science plays a key role at the heart of the University of Ottawa.
    Faculties in the University of Ottawa
    Faculty of Arts
    Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Engineering
    Faculty of Health Sciences
    Faculty of Law – Common Law
    Faculty of Medicine
    Faculty of Science
    Faculty of Social Sciences
    Telfer School of management

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