UNIPORT School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session


UNIPORT School Fees for the 2023 Academic Session are out. In this article, we will go through how much UNIPORT school fees and It is essential to note that the Acceptance Fee should be the initial fee to be paid prior to the school fees.

This fee should be paid upon acceptance into the institution, as is the case with other universities in Nigeria, regardless of whether they are Federal, Private, or State.

One of the advantages of paying school fees at Uniport is that, unlike other Federal universities, UNIPORT permits both incoming and outgoing students to pay the Acceptance Fee three times, although this is only applicable to returning students. UNIPORT tuition fees are a major concern for many prospective students of the Port Harcourt campus. To assist students in understanding the cost of attending UNIPORT, we have compiled an overview of the total cost of tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic year, which includes fees for both new and returning students.

How Much is Uniport School Fees for 2023/2024

The University of Port-Harcourt school varies, as most students don’t pay the same amount of money. In this article we will take you through how much is been paid in some faculty for both freshers and returning students.

Crop and Science 205400 45,000
Animal Science 205400 45,000
Agric Economics And Extension 205400 45,000
Forestry & Wildlife Management 205400 45,000
Fisheries 205400 45,000
FACULTY OF EDUCATION New Students Returning Students
Human Kinetics and Health Education 193700 45,000
Adult and Non-Formal Education 193700 45,000
Educational Foundation 193700 45,000
Educational Psychology 193700 45,000
Educational Management And Planning 193700 45,000
Curriculum Studies And Educational Technology 193700 45,000
Library And Information Science 193700 45,000
Theatre Arts 189750 45,000
English Studies 190250 45,000
Foreign Languages And Literature 190250 45,000
History Ad Diplomatic Studies 199750 45,000
Linguistics And Communication Studies 190250 45,000
Philosophy 189750 45,000
Religious And Cultural Studies 190250 45,000
Fine Art and  Design 189750 45,000
Music 191750 45,000
Physics 193800 45,000
Biochemistry 194800 45,000
Plant Science And Biotechnology 194800 45,000
Animal And Environmental Biology 194800 45,000
Microbiology 193800 45,000
Geology 203800 45,000
Computer Science 193800 45,000
Mathematics And Statistics 193800 45,000
Pure And Industrial Chemistry 193800 45,000

NOTE: The Penalty for Late Payment of School Fees has changed. This applies to both returning and new students. At present, you won’t receive any additional fees if you fail to pay your UNIPORT School Fees on time. Instead, you’ll be asked to collect a Temporal withdrawal form.


This simply means that you’ll need to wait until your next academic session. However, you will not be charged another acceptance fee upon your return.


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