Student Loans for International Students in Belgium

By | February 21, 2023


Student Loans for International Students in Belgium

Belgium is a well-liked place for individuals interested in pursuing higher education since it is tucked away in Western Europe. International students come from all over the world to study in this country because of its delectable chocolate, medieval architecture, and rich history. Belgian education is among the finest in the world, according to the OECD, therefore international students who choose to study there won’t be dissatisfied. Consider applying for an international student loan if you need money to make your dream of attending school in Belgium a reality.

It is true that choosing to study abroad has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even if you believe you have calculated your financial requirements for studying abroad, there may occasionally be obstacles in your path. One of the main difficulties you will have while opting to study abroad is raising the necessary cash. The student debt for higher education is revealed at this point.

Several banks provide student loans to people who desire to pursue higher education overseas in order to address this problem. International students frequently choose Belgium as their study-abroad location. This is due to the fact that it is home to a number of well-known universities, including the Catholic University of Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and Ghent University.


Belgian society is bilingual and has a rich culture in addition to this. Several organizations provide education loans to students who are still working out how to attend school in Belgium. These organizations may be for-profit or nonprofit, public or private, banks or foundations, etc.

Before applying for a loan

The following things need to be taken into account when applying for a student loan: How much will living expenses be? How much will the tuition cost? How much money is required to buy books? How much does a visa cost? And any other additional expenses. The amount of the loan pays the tuition. However, certain lenders of student loans may also be willing to cover the cost of the books or the whole cost in addition to the tuition.

Therefore, make a financial plan and estimate how much you will need to pay for higher education before asking for a study loan with a reputable company. Most banks choose their interest rates and payback schedules in accordance with the terms and circumstances outlined in the loan program. Checking the banks’ policy on loan repayment for schooling is therefore suggested.

What expenses does the loan cover?

The following expenditures are covered by the student education loan: tuition costs, Amount due to the college, purchase of equipment or literature, Security deposit, traveling costs, buying a laptop (if needed), The cost of the exam, the lab, and the library, Other costs, such as project work or a study abroad trip.

Qualifications for International Students Applying for Student Loans to Study in Belgium

The following list contains the fundamental requirements for eligibility that banks must meet in order to offer a student loan. But keep in mind that these guidelines could change from bank to bank.

• You should be a citizen of the US.
• You must have a good academic record.
• You must already be enrolled in an accredited foreign institution or college.
• If you are under 18, your parents must apply for the loan on your behalf.
• Admission to a professional or technical program is required. This is so that the training may focus on jobs, as preferred by the banks.

How do I Apply for a Student Loan in Belgium?

You must submit a strong application to be granted an education loan to attend school in Belgium. In general, if you demonstrate a desire to finish the program, you will be granted a student loan. Check the borrower’s obligations and ask any questions you have before applying for an education loan, according to advice. It is advisable to begin the loan application procedure as soon as you can because it takes some time.

The actions to apply for a student loan are detailed below:

• Verify whether banks accept the course for which you need to apply for admission.
• Determine in advance how much of a loan you will require and how much you can secure on your own.
• Next, contrast the student loans offered by several banks and choose the one you believe is acceptable.
• After that, complete the bank and loan application, then go to your bank.
• The bank will produce a loan document outlining the loan’s components after the loan has been authorized.
• Once the loan agreement has been completed, the bank will pay the money out in installments or in accordance with the university’s instructions.
Required Documents: Before applying for a student loan to study in Belgium, you must provide a few papers, including:
• Completed loan application
• Pictures of the applicant and co-applicant in the size of a passport
• Academic writing
• Admission evidence
• Birth certificate’s date
• Photo identification proof
• Income evidence

Some banks like to offer small loans for rent, tuition, and other little expenditures, while others would like to know how much your tuition will cost you in detail to ensure there hasn’t been a price change.

Most banks choose their payback schedule and interest rates separately; interest rates can occasionally reach 9.2% with a repayment schedule starting six months following studies. If you’re an international student in Belgium, you can think about working part-time while you study or look into grants, scholarships, or jobs as a teaching assistant that is available at your school for foreign students.

I hope that this article on Student Loans for International Students in Belgium was helpful.