OAU Admission Status for 2023/2024 Academic Session


OAU Admission Status 2023: The ICT system at the University of Ondo is well developed with the University’s own access to the internet via V-Sat and an effective Intranet system.

Virtually all the buildings of the central campus are connected and cyber cafes are available in several parts of campus. The Internet access bandwidth has increased from 39 Mb/s as of October 2011, to 183 Mb/s by the same date.

The increase has also resulted in the internet facilities being extended to all the dormitories on campus. The ICT Unit at Ondo University is responsible for the development of Ondo University as Nigeria’s leading ICT university.

The campus-wide ICT network consists of A fiber optic backbone, 23 Intranet subnets, and Wireless access clouds distributed across the campus.

How To Check Obafemi Awolowo Admission Status On Jambs Portal

Here are some guidelines to follow below on how to check Obafemi Awolowo admission status on the Jambs portal


  • Open your browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and navigate to the Menu.
  • Click on the Desktop Site, which will change the view from mobile to desktop and display the entire page.
  • Go to the login page, located at the bottom of the page, and log in with your email address and password.
  • Click on the “Check Admission Status” button
  • You then click on the “Access my CAPs” button.
  • Finally, click “Admission status” and the status will change to “Admission in progress”.
  • If yours hasn’t changed, don’t worry, it will be uploaded in order of merit cutoff marks, based on department.

If you are not okay with the course given to you, Here are some important things to note down before rejecting or accepting an offer

  • Accept the offer: In order to accept the offer, it is essential that you comply with the requirements outlined in your letter. Typically, this will include making a deposit to rent your space and completing a list of prerequisites, such as registering for an orientation program and applying for a hostel.
  • Before Rejecting the Offer: Before turning down an offer, make sure to inform your admissions recruiter that you have turned down an offer so that your role can be filled by a new student.

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