OAU Admission Portal for 2023/2024 Academic Session


The OAU admission portal can be used by both current and prospective students to apply online, check their admission status, and print their admission letter.

The OAU admission portal is extremely important as it serves as an admission management tool for both current and prospective students. Applying for admission into an OAU can be considered a step in the right direction.

However, it can be tiring to know if your application is successful or not. Therefore, not only to apply for OAU but also to keep track of your application status can be tiring.

Thanks to Technology, life has become much easier. This has led to an increase in online transactions in all walks of life, including the educational sector. With the help of school portals, you can keep track of your OAU 2022/2023 applications and admission status with the click of a button.

How To Be Able To Log In Into Obafemi Awolowo Admission Portal

To log into Obafemi Awolowo admission portal, here are some steps to follow below


  • Log in to the OAU’s Student Portal by navigating to the URL at
  • This will prompt you to enter your username, email address, and password.
  • Once you have done this, you will be prompted to click the “Login” button.

How to Change Your Password On Obafemi Awolowo Admission Portal

Below are the steps to follow to change your password on the OAU admission portal

  • Log in to the OAU Admission Portal and you’ll see a menu with your username and email address.
  • Click on “Generate Code” and you’ll get a code for your registered email address.
  • Use the code to reset your password and follow the instructions in your email to make sure it’s secure.

Every year, lots of OAU applicants don’t really use their portal or don’t realize how important it is. They miss out on the chance to customize their application, make sure they get all the documents they need for admission and financial aid and show that they’re committed to the process.

Basically, the online portal has all the important info for each applicant at OAU. Once you’re logged in, you can: update your contact info (mail address, email, phone number, etc.), keep an eye on how your OAU admission is doing, track your documents being sent and received, upload any extra stuff you need, and see the decision on your application.


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