NAUB Jamb Subject Combination 2023/2024 Academic Session


NAUB Jamb Subject Combination 2023: The Nigerian Army University (NAMU) is situated in Biu, one of the towns in Borno State, Nigeria. The purpose of NAUB is to produce highly qualified military and civilian personnel with unique aptitude to provide technological solutions in a short period of time.

You can be sure that on this page, we will give you all the information you need to know about the courses offered at NAUB. We will also provide you with the admission requirements and the course list for the academic session of 2023 /2024. The admission requirements for NAUB are the same whether you are applying for UTME or Direct Entry.

Subject Combination for Nigerian Army University Biu

Here are list of subject combinations, which include courses offered in the university and their jamb requirement course

Arabic. – English, History, Govt, literature
English. – English, Literature, Govt, CRK
French. – English, French, Literature, CRK
Hausa. – English, Hausa, Literature, Govt
Igbo. – English, Igbo, Literature, Govt
Yoruba. – English, Yoruba, literature, Govt
Accounting – English, Econs, Govt, Maths
Economics. – English, Econs, Govt, Maths
Geography. – English, Geography, Econs, Maths

Computer Science. – English, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Cyber Security. – English, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Information Systems. – English, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Information Technology – English, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Software Engineering – English, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Military History. – English, History, Govt, CRk
Management. – English, Econs, Govt, Maths
International Relations. – English, Literature, CRK, Govt
Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution. – English, Literature, CRK, Govt
Political Science – English, Econs, CRK, Govt


Estate Management. – English, Econs, Geography, Maths
Surveying & Geo-informatics – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Urban & Regional Planning – English, Econs, Geography, Maths
Civil Engineering. – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Structural Engineering – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Electrical & Electronics Engineering – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Materials & Metallurgical Engineering – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Mechanical Engineering – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Psychology – English, Biology, Econs, Maths
Criminology & Security Studies English, Literature, CRK, Govt
Sociology. – English, Econs, CRK, Govt
Transport & Logistics Management – English, Econs, Govt, Maths
Agriculture – English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths
Biology. – English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths
Chemistry. – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Mathematics – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Electronics – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Physics. – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Building. – English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Environmental Management – English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths


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