FUOYE Subject Combination 2023 For All Department


FUOYE Subject Combination 2023: FUOYE provides undergraduate and postgraduate education in a wide range of fields, including Natural and Social Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Management Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences. It is divided into various faculties and departments.

FUOYE’s mission is to create an environment conducive to learning, encourage research, and foster innovation. It also aims to produce graduates who possess the necessary skills to contribute to the nation’s development.

FUOYE is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious federal universities, dedicated to providing quality education and fostering knowledge and development. It is also committed to teaching excellence, conducting research, and serving the community.

FUOYE’s main campus is located in Ezoic, a city in the state of Ekiti, in southwestern Nigeria. Since its establishment, the university has grown significantly, with infrastructure and facilities being developed for academic and research purposes.

Course JAMB Subject O’level Subject
Accounting The curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Economics, and any Social Science subject. 5 SSC credit passes covering English Language, Maths, Economics and any additional 2 subjects..
Adult Education The curriculum consists of an English language course, a Government/History course, a Social Science course, and any other required subject. 5 (5) O’Level credit passes in English Language, Maths and 3 (3) Literature in English Language, History/French/Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa/Christian religion/ISL/Geography/Physical, Economics/Government or TC II with English Language and 4 other subjects.
Agricultural Engineering English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. 5 SSC credit passes (English Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & any from Introduction to Agriculture Science & Materials & Workshop Process & Machining + Tractor Layout Power Units Under Carriage & Auto Electricity + Transmission System + Implement & Machine + Principles of Crop Hrus & Land Use + Materials & Workshop Processes + Construction & Maintenance of Agricultural Machines + General Metal Work + General Wood Work + Building / Engineering Drawing)
Agricultural Science & Education English, any three (3) of the following sciences (chemistry, biology, agriculture, physics, economics, geography, math): five (5) O’Level credit passes or equivalent in English language, chemistry, biology/agricultural science., math and another subject.
Anatomy English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 5 SSC credits (English Language, Maths, Biology, Chem and Physics).
Animal Science & Environmental Biology English, Biology and any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Five (5) SSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology and two (2) other Science subject.
Architecture English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics. SSC credit passes: 5 (5) English Language, Maths, Physics and Chemistry and any Fine Art. Geography and Wood Work. Biology. Economics. Technical Drawing. Further. Maths. Building Construction. Bricklaying / Block laying. Concreting. Wall. Floor and Ceiling finishing. Joinery. Carpentry. Decorative Painting. Lining. Sign and Design. Wall Hanging. Colour Mixing / Matching and Glazing. Ceramics. Graphics Design. Graphic Printing. Basic Electricity.
Banking & Finance English, Mathematics, Economics, plus any one (1) of Government and Geography. SSC credit passes can include five (5) subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, as well as any other subjects that may be relevant to the course. In the case of NBC, the two other (2) subjects that are relevant to the course could be from accounting, principles of accounts, commerce, office practice and economics.
Biochemistry English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics. 5 SSC credits (English Language, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Biology).
Building English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 5 SSC credits in Maths, English language, Physics and Chemistry and any Geography, Economy, Arts and Technical Drawing.
Business Administration English, Mathematics, Economics and any other subject. 5 SSC credit passes (English Language, Maths, Economics) and any 2 (2) of accounting, business methods, commerce, government, geography, and statistics.
Business Education English, Mathematics, Economics plus either Literature in English, History,  Geography, Chemistry and Physics, or Government. 5 (5) Technical Certificate II (TC II) Merit, Certificate O (O’Level) or Certificate NTC/ NBC (NTC/NBC) with English Language, Maths, Economics, and 2 (2) Other Social Sciences/Arts.


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