FUNAI Subject Combination 2023/2024 Academic Session


FUNAI Subject Combination 2023: The primary objective of the University of Alex Ekwueme is to provide its graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to contribute to the country’s development.

This is especially important in today’s globalized world, where the acquisition of knowledge and skills is essential for success in the market. Therefore, it is essential that JAMB applicants and those wishing to study at the University are aware of the courses offered and the requirements that must be met.

Subject Combination for Alex Ekwueme University

Below are the subject combinations for AE-FUNAI:

Business Administration – English, Maths, Econs, Govt
Business Education – English, Maths, Econs, Govt
Chemical Engineering – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Chemistry – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
Civil Engineering – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
Computer Science – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
Criminology and Security Studies – English, Econs, literature, Govt
Economics – English, Maths, Econs, Govt
Education and Biology – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Education and Chemistry – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
Education and English and Literary Studies -English, Literature, Govt, CRK
Education and Mathematics – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic

Accounting – English, Maths, Econs, Govt
Agricultural Science and Education – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Agriculture – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Anatomy – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Architecture – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
Banking and Finance – English, Maths, Econs, Govt
Biochemistry – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Biology – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Education and Physics – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic


History – English, History, Econs, Literature
Islamic Studies – English, Islamic, Econs, Literature
Library and Information Science English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths
Linguistics – English, Literature, Govt, CRK
Mass Communication – English, Literature, Govt, CRK
Mathematics English, Physic, Chemistry, Maths
Mechanical Engineering – English, Physic, Chemistry, Maths
Mechatronics Engineering – English, Physic, Chemistry, Maths
Medicine and Surgery – English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology
Microbiology – English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology
Molecular Biology – English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology
Music – English, Music, CRK, Literature
Educational Management – English, Maths, Econs, Govt
Electrical/Electronic Engineering – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
English Language – English, literature, Govt, CRK
Fine Arts/Fine and Applied Arts – English, Fine art, Econs, Maths

Political Science – English, Econs, CRK, Govt
Psychology – English, Biology, Econs, Govt
Religious Studies – English, Literature, CRK, Govt
Sociology – English, Econs, CRK, Govt
Statistics – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Visual and Applied Arts – English, Art, Econs, Govt
Fisheries and Aquaculture – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
French – English, French, literature, CRK
Geography – English, Econs, Geography, Govt
Geology – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physic
Geology and Geophysics – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physic
Guidance and Counselling – English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths
Nigerian Language – English, Literature, Govt, CRK
Petroleum Engineering – English, Physic, Chemistry, Maths
Philosophy – English, Literature, Govt, CRK
Physical and Health Education – English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology
Physics – English, Physic, Chemistry, Maths
Physiology – English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology


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