6 Cheapest Universities in Malta for International Students.


Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world with over 500,000 people. Malta is a country in the central Mediterranean Maltese and English. Valletta is the capital of Malta and most universities and colleges are located in the capital city. Valletta is the country’s administrative and commercial hub. In Malta, the local people speak Maltese, while more than 75% of Maltese speak English.

Malta is known as the sunniest nation in the world and is also part of the European Union. There are numerous universities and colleges in Malta, both private and public institutions. The higher education system is one of the best.

Cost of living and studying in Malta.

Applicants have to choose between public and private institutions in Malta, the course to study, and the institution to choose, tuition fees will depend on the choice of the applicants. About the visa, EU/EEA country students might not need a visa to study in Malta. If you are Non-EU/EEA you will need to obtain a visa to study.

Cheap Universities in Malta

University of Malta

Annual Tuition: USD 1,000 to USD 6,000

University Website


With over 400-year history with four campuses. The University of Malta is home to about 11,000 students and it offers a series of programs for both undergraduates and graduates it has 14 faculties and many research institutes.

It is among the top-ranking universities in Europe and in the world the university has many programs taught in English. And the university also takes part in the Erasmus exchange program. They offer programs in full-time or part-time and diploma courses.
The University of Malta welcomes over 1,000 international students from different countries and the university alumni community is growing.

Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology

Annual Tuition: USD 1,000 to USD 8,500

University Website

Founded in 2001, Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology is a private university
Located in the Maltese town of Paola, Malta. The University of Malta welcomes international students Malta is a safe country and the locals are very friendly, so international students will find it attractive.

The University of Malta is one of the largest higher institutions in Malta and it offers a series of bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs with some certified diplomas, with over 11,000 students. The university takes part in Erasmus programs, the university also offers a part-time program. The estimated Annual Tuition fee is USD 4,840. This depends on the higher institution.

Middlesex University Malta

Annual Tuition: USD 1,000 to USD 11,00

University Website

Middlesex University in Malta is among the international campuses which have different satellite campuses in Dubai, and Mauritius it offers a series of undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in Pembroke, Malta.

Middlesex University is a global higher institution, which the biggest campus is located in the united kingdom, followed by the Dubai campuses which were opened in 2005, and Mauritius was opened in 2009, while the Malta campus was opened in 2013,

The university has a partnership with Aptech, you can run a top-up with an Aptech qualification, and you can study at any of Middlesex campuses. Aptech has numerous qualifications.

American University of Malta

Annual Tuition: starting from USD 8,500

University website
The American University of Malta is a private liberal arts college. Is a private university and one of the young universities in Malta, located in the harbor city of Cospicua.

Faculties include; Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts, Natural Sciences, technology, mathematics, and English for academic purposes. The university offers 10 undergraduate programs, 3 graduate programs, and an English for academic purposes program (this program is to improve their English language skills). The America University of Malta offers full scholarships to Maltese or EU citizens, there is provision for international students with a good academic profile. 11,500 students enrolled

In addition, the American University of Malta is open to all applicants around the world, once you meet up their requirements, they might consider you for admission, with a 75% acceptance rate.

Global College Malta

Cheapest Universities in Malta for International Students

Annual Tuition: starting from USD 3,500

University Website

Global College Malta established in 2013, is a private university in Malta
Global College Malta offers a scholarship to an outstanding student with a good academic performance

An average of USD 3,500 and USD 5,000 should be budgeted for tuition fees to study at a global college, more information about the tuition is on their website. The university offers 8 bachelor’s degree programs and 5 master’s degree programs

London School of Commerce Malta

Annual Tuition: USD 7,750 to USD 13,330

University Website

London School of Commerce was established in June 2014. The LSCM objective is to provide higher education to undergraduate and postgraduate programs for both domestic and international people.

The LSCM has over 25,000 alumni around the world. With over 6000 students enrolled and it offers Bachelor in (BA) business management studies and some Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs

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