7 Most Affordable Universities in Romania for International Students


Why Study in Romania?

Romania is home to over 19.6 million people. It shares land borders with 5 countries: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. It has been a member of the European Union since 2007 and is classed as a developing country. The official language of Romania is Romanian. The most popular study languages are Romanian, English, German, French, and Hungarian. These are the top cities in Romania; Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca.

The education system in Romania is overseas by the ministry of education, and they have some top universities that are recognized around the world. There are many higher education institutions in Romania, they have both public and private universities. Universities in Romania offer programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

There are Romania’s universities in the QS World University Rankings, most universities are well recognized and have the best facilities.

Cost of Studying and Living in Romania

There are both private and public universities In Romania, and international students should have an average of RON 14,000 and RON 30,000 per year for a degree in Romania. There are scholarships available. However, living costs will depend on where you choose to live.


Visa Application

There are countries that do not need a visa to study in Romania.

Cheap Universities in Romania

University of Bucharest

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Established in 1864, the University of Bucharest is one of the oldest public universities in Romania. The University of Bucharest belongs to the group of Romanian elite universities and was in the top 700 of the QS University World Ranking.

The  University of Bucharest offers programs in both English and Romanian. It also has research institutes and a publishing house. there are 19 faculties: Mathematics and Informatics; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Geography; Geology and Geophysics; Business and Administration; Law; History; Sociology; Psychology and Education Sciences; Political Sciences; Philosophy; Journalism; Letters; Foreign Languages and Literature; Orthodox; Roman-Catholic; and Baptist Theology. There are also 21 doctoral schools.

It has over 300 ERASMUS agreements with foreign universities with hundreds of students traveling overseas every year and many incoming.

 Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

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The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University is another public university ha was founded in 1860. The University is one of the most prestigious in the country, with Over 22,000 students receiving their higher education with the best facilities.

It is comprised of 15 faculties that offer degrees in biology, chemistry, law, economics, physical education, philosophy, social sciences, physics, history, geography and geology, mathematics, IT, literature, psychology, theology, and European studies. Although the university welcomes international students, courses are only available in Romanian.

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is a public university in Romania. It was established in 1913. It specializes in the fields of economy and business administration.

It is one of the five members of the Universitaria Consortium, the group of elite Romanian Universities. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is a public university in Bucharest, Romania. The university is recognized around the world and has standard learning and teaching resources.

the university has over 22,000 students. It offers eight-degree programs in English in the areas of marketing, banking, business administration, management, finance and banking, accounting, economic informatics, and international business and economics. The business administration program is also available in German and French.

Politehnica University of Bucharest

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It was established in 1818. The Politehnica University of Bucharest is the oldest and most prestigious technical university in Romania.

This public university has over 30,000 students, with 15 faculties that offer more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, and all the programs are spread across all the campuses.

the Politehnica University of Bucharest is a home for international students, the university has attracted students from more than 50 countries and they have standard facilities. Romania’s first democratically-elected president following the overthrow of the Ceaucescu regime, Ion Iliescu was an alumnus of the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

West University of Timișoara

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Founded in 1962, The West University of Timișoara is a university located in Timișoara, Romania. There are a series of programs at the West University of Timisoara for undergraduates and graduates, there are University of Fully Funded Scholarships available at the university for international students.

The student body is about 16,000 students enrolled. Most of the programs are taught in Romanian, English, French, and German, and master’s degree programs are also taught in English, Romanian and French. They also have research opportunities, with more than 100 projects.

Faculty of Arts and Design

Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography.

Law School.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Letters History and Theology

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty of Music and Theater

Faculty of Sociology and Psychology

Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences

Teacher Training Department

 University of Craiova

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Founded in 1947. The University of Craiova is a private university and the largest university in the city. The University of Craiova has over 150 programs for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and Ph.D. with 16 faculties and colleges. The university home more than 20,000 students.

At the University of Craiova, there are various scholarships available for international students with a body of about a thousand.

Faculties at the University of Craiova

Faculty of Agronomy

Faculty of Automation, Computers, and Electronics

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Horticulture

 University of Oradea

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The University of Oradea is 57 years old. The University of Oradea is the oldest university in Romania, located in Oradea in north-western Romania.

The University of Oradea has over 200 programs of study for undergraduates and post-graduate specialization degrees with a student body of 20,000. The university offers low tuition fees at all levels, and international students should budget an average of 1000 Euro – 7,500 Euro for both undergraduate and postgraduate.

The university welcomes international students with a 60% acceptance rate.


Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Constructions and Architecture

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Geography, Tourism, and Sports

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty of Energy Engineering and Industrial Management

Faculty of Management and Technological Engineering

Faculty of History, International Relations, Political Sciences, and Communication Sciences

Faculty of Letters

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

Faculty of Environmental Protection

Faculty of Sciences

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Social-Humanistic Sciences

Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Episcop Dr. Vasile Coman”

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