7 Most Affordable Universities in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is one of the developed countries among the famous countries in Asia, Saudi Arabia is known for being the birthplace of Islam, which consist of the two holiest cities in the world: Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia. Saudi Arabia is the fifth-largest country in Asia, the second largest in the Arab world, and the largest in Western Asia.

The Saudi family is the richest royal family in the world, with a net worth of around $1.4 trillion due to plentiful oil reserves. Saudi Arabia is famous for oil, to be the origin of Islam, Arabian horses, the world’s largest sand desert (Rub’ Al Khali), the world’s largest oasis (Al-Ahsa), Arabian coffee, oil, countless palaces, veiled women, countless mosques, Bedouins on horses, Bedouins on camels, Bedouins with falcons.

Saudi Arabia has a population of about 30 million, with its diverse culture and tradition, however, Saudi Arabia is one of the peaceful countries for international students to study, and they have some of the top universities which offer scholarships as well.

As we all know, international students will be focusing on knowing how cheaper and affordable their schools can be, well, Saudi Arabia universities are one of the cheapest and most affordable. Saudi Arabia’s main language is Arabic, however, studying in the country will expose you to many opportunities, and there are many English taught programs.

1.            King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

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The King Fahd University Petroleum and minerals are known for being at the forefront of excellence in academic performance. The university is known for a strong history and has so many international collaborators in both academic and industries, which have strengthened its focus in some fields such as technology, industry, business, and humanities

 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals is a Nonprofit Institution in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The university has majors in science, engineering, business, and management programs that are highly regarded in the country as well as in the whole region. 

The King Fahd University of petroleum and minerals has over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

2.            Al Faisal University

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This cheap university in Saudi Arabia academically consists of over 100 different departments collectively organized under a series of academic colleges; these include medicine, engineering, business, pharmacy, science & general studies. Doctoral programs are also offered in specific areas. It is further overseen by an international board that boosts its standing.

Alfaisal University is a private, not-for-profit coeducational institute of higher education located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2002 by the King Faisal Foundation as a nonprofit student-centered university, Alfaisal University opened its doors and admitted its first 80 students in 2008.

Al Faisal university offers financial aid to students who need support, the university has merit-based and need-based scholarships and other scholarships available

3.            Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University

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Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University is one the fast-growing institution with a strong history. Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University is a private university that was established in 2006, the university is in the city of Dhahran in the Eastern Province region of Saudi Arabia.

Its student body is made up of a large student population of over 3500 students. Academically, the university consists of the colleges of Engineering (co-ed), Interior Design (females only), Business (co-ed), and Information Technology (females only).

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd university has different types of financial aid for students, including sponsored scholarship programs, internal scholarships, MOHE scholarships, and loans.

4.            King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a private research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2009, King Abdullah University of science and technology is one of the most selective universities across Saudi Arabia, even the entire Middle East.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is the first mixed-gender university campus in Saudi Arabia. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and English is the official language of instruction.

KAUST offers master’s and Ph.D. programs, some fellowship comes with full free tuition support, monthly living allowance, On-campus housing, health insurance, and relocation support. The IDB-KAUST Ph.D. The Scholarship Program is one of the popular programs that was established in 2012 within the scope of the IDB Merit Scholarship Program and the KAUST Ph.D. Program. How to apply:

5.            Effat University

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Effat University is one of the leading universities in Saudi Arabia, the private university was established in the year 2009, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Effat University is one of the youngest universities in Saudi Arabia, it consists of 4 main colleges and a novel research and consultancy institute.

They offer a wide range of courses for undergraduate and graduates students, which include some of the popular majors, engineering, architecture & design, business, humanities & social sciences, and the college of graduate studies.

Effat university’s tuition fee is around $12,000 per year, the university welcomes international students and there are many opportunities for international to acquire their education, the university has some scholarships that the international students can take part in. 

6.            King Abdulaziz university

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King Abdulaziz University is a public university in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1967 as a private university, by a group of businessmen. The purpose of creating this prestigious university was to promote higher education in the western region of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

King Abdulaziz university offers one of the lowest tuition fees, which is on an average of $2000 – $3000, depending on the course of study. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and diplomas programs in all their various faculties & colleges, King Abdulaziz University is known for its diversity, there are plenty of English-taught programs at the university.

In addition, king Abdulaziz university receives thousands of applications every year from over 50 countries, this is because of its strong history, and they welcome more international students. 

7.            King Saud University

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The King Saud University is a public research institution of higher education that was established in 1957. It is the first university in the country and was founded by King Saud bin Abdulaziz, a monarch who has an interest in developing the education sector and other sectors.

King Saud University is known for its high-quality education for both undergraduate and graduate students, the university is in the capital city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The university offers a range of courses including the fields of humanities, natural sciences, healthcare, and engineering. It is also one of the only universities in the country to offer a focused and professional program in nanotechnology.

The university consists of the college of engineering, a college of science, a college of food and agricultural sciences, a college of computer and information sciences, a college of architecture and planning, college of business administration. English and Arabic are the major language instructions.


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